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WhiteAmberdual function: White light with Amber DRL backglow
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  • Fits hard and soft top
  • We have tried to eliminate as much wind noise as possible by designing this as close to the windshield as we can without interfering with anything. However, as with all roof light bars, some wind noise is expected.  We recommend to adjust the light bar a bit down at an angle to minimize the noise. 
  • No cutting or drilling required. The kit is a complete bolt on using factory openings and hardware.
  • Metal bracket is powder coated black

**PLEASE NOTE** If you will be using AUX switches, there is only (1) AUX power wire that is factory behind the visor. For single light bar color, it will be sufficient enough to use this (1) AUX switch. For dual function light bar, you will need to run your own power for the DRL function.   


👍Our light kits are for off-road use only. 

    Choose your light bar color:

    1) White LED --Up to15,000 lumens, bright and powerful. It will definitely provide you with enough light needed for all of your adventures. However, these are only for off-roading and can’t be used on the regular road. They will blind the in-coming traffic and also violates road safety.

    2) Amber LED -- Up to 7,000 lumens, used in poor driving conditions such as dust, fog, snow and rain. It reflects through air particles much less than the white light. Therefore, making it ideal for poor driving conditions.

    3) dual function: main White LED light with Amber DRL backglow -- the white LED light is same as described above, but the amber DRL “daytime running lights” acts purely for aesthetics. Since it doesn’t give out much light, you can use this amber DRL feature on regular roads, it doesn't blind in-coming traffic. 


    Full in-depth video describing our lights bars CLICK HERE


    (1) 40in light bar

    (2) mounting brackets

    All mounting hardware


    • M&R Automotive doesn’t provide a wiring harness. 
    • The light bar has 6ft of wire which is enough to reach AUX wires. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a generic wiring harness from Amazon/Ebay or create your own. 

    • We now sell Wireless 8 Circuit Wiring Harness. This makes install much easier if you don't have AUX switches. No need to run any wires through the firewall, clean install.

    Revolutionize the way you connect and power accessories in your vehicle with our wireless wiring harness. Designed to enhance convenience, safety, and efficiency. Take the hassle out of traditional installations, providing a seamless and clutter-free solution for your  accessories.


    In the past, you'd have to run a wire through the firewall inside the vehicle, no more! With this super easy installation, you can connect up to 8 different accessories (doesn't have to be lights), wirelessly! 


    Wireless Connectivity: With advanced wireless technology, connect and power various accessories without the need for traditional wiring. Enjoy a cleaner and more organized interior.  Wireless remote stays inside your vehicle without the need to run a wire through the firewall.


    8 Switches: Total of 8 circuits: (2) 5amps, (2) 10amps, (2) 20amps, (2) 30amps

    • Max power: 1200watts
    • Max current Rating: 80amps
    • Voltage: DC 12V-24V

    Plug-and-Play Compatibility: Installing accessories has never been easier. Designed with a user-friendly, plug-and-play interface, eliminating the need for complex wiring setups. Simply connect your accessories to the panel and you're ready for an adventure. 


    Universal Compatibility: Whether you're adding LED lights, off-road equipment, or other accessories, our wireless wiring harness is universally compatible. Seamlessly integrates with your vehicle's electrical system.


    Enhanced Safety: Reduce the risk of electrical issues and potential hazards associated with traditional wiring systems. Engineered with safety in mind, featuring built-in safeguards to protect against overloads, short circuits, and other electrical mishaps. 


    Weatherproof Design: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, it is fully weatherproof. It has a rubber gasket around the fuse box and covered in epoxy. 



    All domestic (USA) orders are free shipping via USPS or UPS, depending on product size.
    We typically ship in 3-7 business days. If we are anticipating a delay with your shipment due to availability of the product, we will reach out to you via email.

    Canada, international or express shipping costs are calculated at checkout. 

    You will receive an email with tracking number when your order is shipped. 

    If you have a special request about your order, reach out, we try to accommodate as much as we can. 

    For a complete shipping policy click here.  

    We have a lifetime warranty on our light kits. We truly want our truck enthusiastic customers to enjoy their products as much as we enjoy designing them. However, we also understand that different situations arise with brackets or lights. For more information about our warranty and disclaimer click here. 

    *M&R Automotive is not responsible for misuse or improper installation of the product. Professional installation is recommended. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Perfect Light Bar

    After going through multiple types of light bars. I could dealt with the high pitched whistles and the flapping it caused my soft top. I installed the M&R and I’m pleased. No whistle and my soft top has flapped. Easy installation and the best part is the light bar came with a wire log enough that I didn’t have to splice wire to the auxiliary box.

    Great looking

    Great product for the price. It’s a great look on the truck, clean straight lines. It was pretty simple to install. How the pillar lights and bumper lights all match. Looking good. Thanks Mike keep it up, great job!!

    Love the 40 in light bar

    I had my local Ford dealer install the light on my 22 Bronco badlands 2 dr. I picked the light due to lower wind noise (due to small size and not a ton of cooling ridges/fins), brightness and small
    Size. All of which proved true. They had to mount bar on wind deflector of my Trailrax roof rack because the mount holes were occupied by the roof rack.
    Used hero switch 1 due to watt/amp requirement. Only 2 minor complaints. Slow shipping and no black powder coated bolts for alternative mounting. Love the light. Whn i flip it on the neighbors think the sun just came up. Would highly recommend!