About us

Welcome to M&R Automotive!

We are a small business dedicated to providing unique off-roading lighting products that is made by truck enthusiasts for truck enthusiasts. What started out as a hobby in 2010, turned into a first light kit made for the Ford Raptor Generation 1. As the years went by, we innovated our super slim light bars behind the grille, that became known as the "dual 40s..dual 30s." In 2021 we really took our light kits to the next adventure with adding five light kits for the Ford Raptor Generation 3 and Ford Bronco. In 2022, we challenged ourselves by adding as many trucks as we can to the M&R family, with a total of 11. Wow! What an exciting and rewarding year it was. We can’t wait to see our light kits everywhere in 2023.

We want you to stand out! We want you to be noticed! Our lights are tested to provide maximum visibility in the toughest environment. Don’t underestimate our discrete design with how powerful our light kits are.

Our goal is to instill confidence in you!! Mike, the owner, is self-taught in CAD file, CNC plasma table, taking vehicles apart and a few other tricks up his sleeve. Through his persistence and desire to learn something new, we believe you can also discover your potential. We provide instructional videos that can be found under the listing and our YouTube channel

We want to share our light kits with you and your friends. Our prices are very affordable because we believe life is about having a good time without breaking the bank.

We are constantly learning new ways to improve and evolve, seeking new vehicles to get in our shop for manufacturing. Some of our most popular light kits have been requests from customers. We stand true to our off-roading enthusiasts who have an idea and we can hopefully make it happen.

Thank you for choosing M&R Automotive for your off-roading lights.