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2017+ Nissan titan

Ready to dive into the world of adventure? Meet the 2017+ Nissan Titan, Generation 2-  your ultimate partner in crime when it comes to blending rugged prowess with everyday practicality! The Titan isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a friend that’s always up for an adrenaline-packed journey, making it a perfect fit for your next off-roading expedition.

Our behind the grille LED light bars aren’t just about making your Titan look like a beast (though they certainly do 😊. They’re a safety and visibility game-changer. Our 30 inch LED light bars fit behind the grille in a very discreet, slim design but once turned on, they make a bold statement. Choose between 3 light bar color choices, your Titan will stand out, leaving a lasting impression with it’s powerful lights and aesthetically pleasing design.