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2019+ RAM/trx 1500

Embark on an off-road adventure with the unrivaled 2019+ RAM 1500 and TRX – a beast among trucks that defines the very essence of extreme off-roading. Brace yourselves because this is not your average pickup. The 2019+ RAM 1500 and TRX is not built just for off-roading; it's engineered to dominate the off-road domain. From rocky trails to sandy dunes, this truck is not here to play – it's here to conquer. Off-road lights aren't just an accessory for the 2020 RAM TRX; they're a vital component for owning the night.

Our best seller is the super slim 40in LED light bar that sits in the lower part of the grille. Paired with the dual function fog light kits for that extra beast mode that you won't find anywhere else. Giving you main white light with amber DRL backglow that matches the rest of the RAM TRX accent lighting perfectly. Our ditch lights also have the amber backglow. Everything is direct bolt on and does not require you to make any alteration to your trucks.