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2019+ chevrolet silverado 1500

M&R brings you the famous behind the grille light bars for the 2019-21 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The top half of the grille holds (1) 30in light bar. The bottom half of the grille can hold up to (2) 40in light bars. That's a total of 3 light bars that give you great visibility and makes your off road adventures super bright. The metal bracket is created on a unique rail system design that puts you in control of adjusting your light bars. With many grille options, M&R thoughtfully designed it this way so your Silverado can have the optimal light through the grille. Don't underestimate the performance of these light bars.  

If you really want to get obsessed, there is room to install (3) 40in light bar on the bottom half of the grille. 

Get creative with your Silverado, make it one of a kind! Mix and match the 30in and 40in light bars. Install a 30in on top of the "CHEVROLET or BOW" sign, with a single or dual 40in light bars below. We recommend for at least one of the light bars to be amber. 

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