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Warranty & Disclaimer

Thank you for purchasing your off road light kit(s) from M&R Automotive.


We truly want our truck enthusiastic customers to enjoy their products as much as we enjoy designing them. However, we also understand that different situations arise with brackets or lights.

We have a lifetime warranty on our light kits. This includes brackets and lights. Regular wear and tear of the product is not covered, such as bad weather conditions with extreme snow/sand/rain. These warranties are limited and do not cover abuse, modification or improper installation nor do they cover finish failure caused by caustic cleaning agents. 

Our warranty only covers original owners of their vehicles with proof of purchase. If you purchased your vehicle second hand, we will treat each warranty claim on a case-by-case scenario. 

Contact us via email and let us know exactly what the problem is. We are quick to respond and will try to solve it with ease. 

Please note that all our products are for off-road use only. You, the buyer, is responsible for ensuring the correct use of this product in accordance to your local regulations about street use and abiding by road safety guidelines. M&R Automotive will not be responsible for any fines, claims or damages that is due to non-compliance. M&R Automotive will not be responsible for any theft or loss. M&R Automotive is not responsible for misuse or improper installation of the product. Professional installation is recommended. 

Installation Disclaimer

M&R Automotive light kit(s) should be installed by a qualified personnel who has knowledge in wiring, electricity and circuits. M&R Automotive can only provide basic wiring instructions due to many vehicle modifications differences available and diversity of types of vehicles. By installing M&R automotive light kit(s), you acknowledge that you have read and understood the instructions provided with this product via video and/or written. Also, that you have the necessary skills and expertise to safely and properly install this product. The installation will require to use of tools that can be dangerous if used improperly. Therefore, you agree to take all necessary precautions while installing the product and to seek the assistance of a qualified professional if you are not comfortable or competing in the installation. You also understand that improper installation of this product can result in damage to your vehicle or personal injury.

All M&R Automotive light kit(s) are for off-road use only. You are responsible for following your local laws.

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