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Why should I purchase from M&R Automotive?

We've been around the Ford Raptor community since 2011 and have evolved to a variety of vehicles as the years went by. We have established a known name for ourselves with our unique, discreet and slim light bar designs. Since we are a small business with less overhead than big companies, we are able to pass the savings on to you. A strong belief in enjoying life's adventures without breaking the bank. Don't underestimate our high-quality materials and innovative manufacturing technologies to bring you durability and visibility to tackle any off-road adventures with confidence.


We have a lifetime warranty on our light kits. This includes brackets and lights. Regular wear and tear of the product is not covered. These warranties are limited and do not cover abuse, modification or improper installation nor do they cover finish failure caused by caustic cleaning agents. 

Are your light DOT or SAE approved?

Our current line up of lights are for off-road use only. They are not DOT or SAE approved.

Fog lights and hood mounts light pods (20watts and 40watts) are all dual-function (2 lights): white light is bright, off-road use only; the amber acts as a DRL (Daytime running light) are not bright and can be used as DRL option for driving on the road. This provides an aesthetically pleasing amber backglow. When ordering light bars, the dual-function light bar works the same way. One color light bars (white or amber) are off-road use only. 

When will I receive my order?

Our processing time it typically 2-5 business days from the time your order is placed. Shipping takes about 3-7 business days, depending on your location.

We are processing orders as quickly as we can. We are fully stocked, unless you receive an email or a phone call from us that we are on backorder for your particular product. We are as excited as you are to install the light kit and show it off. Full shipping policy CLICK HERE.

I thought I placed an order, but didn’t get an email confirmation. 

Once the order is placed, there is always an email confirmation to follow. Sometimes this goes to spam. If you’re not able to locate your order, email us.  

I love your lights and enjoyed installing them, can I help others with install?

Of course! We are setting up a directory across the USA of people like you who want to help others and earn some money on the side. You’ll be a contact person between our customers and their installs. 

I see you’re in Los Angeles, me too, can I pick up my product?

Sure! If you are thinking of picking up, reach out before you place your order. 

I see a lot of the M&R products have “white light with amber DRL backglow.” What does this mean?

We wanted to pick it up a notch and provide our customers more options. Our mission is to make you noticeable on the road, make you stand out from the rest. DRL stands for “Daytime Running Lights.” The amber color that acts as DRL is purely for aesthetics. It doesn’t give out much light, but more of a beautiful amber glow to enjoy your drive.

When you don’t need the main white light on, but want something extra…turn on the Amber DRL option.

Depends on your vehicle and wiring options, it does have to be hooked up to another AUX switch or a second button if using a generic wiring harness.

What is the difference between White LED light and Amber LED light?

The white LED light is bright and powerful. It will definitely provide you with enough light needed for all of your adventures.

The amber LED light is used in poor driving conditions such as dust, fog, snow and rain. It reflects through air particles much less than the white light. Therefore, making it ideal for poor driving conditions.

*If your vehicle can have 2 light bars, we highly recommend one of them to be amber. You never know when your driving conditions change suddenly and by turning on a different switch that is connected to your amber light, you will feel safer driving.

Where are M&R light products made?

We have a trusted manufacturer company in China that we use for our lights for the past 11 years. The metal brackets are all designed and developed in our shop in Los Angles (USA made). The complete light kits are also packaged in Los Angeles. 

Do your lights have any ratings?

Yes, our lights have a rating of IP69. This includes 20watt, 40watt and 80watt pods, 10in, 30in and 40in light bars.

An IP69 rating is a specification used to describe the level of protection. The first digit refers to level of protection against solid objects, with “6” being the highest rating. Indicates that our lights are completely dust tight. The second digit refers to level of protection against liquids, with “9” being the highest rating. This means that our lights are able to withstand high pressure water.

Overall, an IP69 ratings means that our light kits are dust-tight and water-proof, making it a perfect set up for all of your adventures.

Do I get a wiring harness?

We provide an M&R wiring harness for the following light kits: all fog light, all hood mount, Ford Raptor Gen 3 center bumper kit. This wiring harness will be used to connect the wires from the lights to your AUX switches. If your vehicle doesn’t have AUX switches, you can still use our wiring harness to connect the different pods together and then connect it to a generic wiring harness.

All our light bars have 6.5ft of wire. This is enough to reach your AUX switches. If your vehicle doesn't have AUX switches, you will need to purchase a generic wiring harness (not M&R).  

Where are the install instructions for the light kit I’m buying?

Under the specific product listing, you can find either written or video install instructions. 

QR code is provided for an easy and direct link to video installs with your order. If there is no video for your specific product, written instructions are provided. 

I need help with install

We try to make installs as easy as possible. Some vehicles are more trickier than others to deal with. Even though we recommend professional installation, we also believe that you can do it yourself. 

Please reach out to us for any assistance.

Where can I get the product installed?

If you are handy and experienced in “car stuff”, we have all the confidence that you can do it yourself. Even if you would call yourself “average…enjoy figuring out,” be confident that you can totally install. Depends on what vehicle you own, some kits are extremely simple to install, some vehicles are a bit more tough with having to take off the grille. Either way, we are here to help!

If you desire the product to be installed by a professional, any automotive shop should be able to help you. Search some in your area. In the meantime, we have a small directory of trusted installers and are expanding to more cities. 

I purchased for the wrong vehicle

Accidents happen, no worries. 
If the light bar size will fit your correct vehicle, then we can send you just the brackets without needing to do a full return. This saves you on return shipping fees. The price is $40-$75 for the brackets, depends on size of brackets, plus $9-$15 shipping.

I have your light bar from another vehicle that I don’t have anymore, can I just buy brackets for my new vehicle?

Totally! Congrats on your new vehicle. As long as the new lightbar you want is the same size you own, then yes. Our current light bar size is 30in or 40in. If you’re unsure what size you have, we recommend to measure it, or find it in stock on our site, or reach out to us to figure it out. As long as we can verify that you already have our light bar, we are more than happy to sell you just brackets.

After you reach out to us, we will send you an invoice. The price is $40-75 for the brackets, depends on size of brackets.

*Please note that if you’re purchasing just brackets, there will be a shipping fee charge of $9-$15, depending on size of metal bracket.

Can I purchase just hood mount brackets without the light pods?

Yes, you can find “only brackets” as an option for our hood mounts only. We know the brackets fit perfectly with our 3in light pods, but can’t 100% guarantee with other pods. However, some customers make it work and are happy with the outcome. You do take all responsibilities if you must make any adjustments to the bracket. We don’t accept any returns. 

I have another light bar (not M&R), can I just buy the brackets?

We take pride in our designs and don’t sell just brackets. We don't like to sell something that we know won't fit. Since our light bars are 3/4in thick, we are able to fit them in tight spaces, behind the grille, and etc. Our brackets are specifically designed for our slim light bars and don’t fit generic light bars or from competitor companies. Don’t underestimate our super slim light bars. We try to go for a “built in look” whether they are behind the grille, on top of the bumper, or in tight spaces that are usually difficult to fit.