icon Gen3 Ford Raptor 2021+ by M&R Automotive

2021+ Ford raptor gen 3 

If you have purchased the Gen3 Raptor, then you came to the right place for your lighting wants. We have developed our popular dual40s kit which we also offer for the Gen 1 and 2. It has definitely been our most popular kit for many years. The M&R fog light kit offers 6x20w lights housed in a shroud. It makes a great upgrade from the factory Rigid Industry lights or an awesome product if your Gen3 did not come with lights in the front bumper. They have dual function amber DRL capabilities to be able to use them day/night. The center bumper kit uses the same lights as our hood mount kit providing a powerful white beam when you need it, and amber DRL when you dont. Dont just have a stock Gen3, accessorize it.