DIY Wiring Harness


What is a DIY Wiring Harness?

  1. For the trucks that DO have auxiliary (AUX) switches, the wiring harness is needed. It connects the lights to the auxiliary hook up location.
  2. You will need to crimp the wiring using your own crimping tool. Can be purchased in stores that sell autoparts and hardware. Ex: Home Depot, Lowes, Autozone.
  3. Your wiring harness will have crimp connectors that you will use to connect all the wiring.
  4. If your truck doesn’t have AUX switches, you CAN NOT use our wiring harness. We recommend you look for a generic wiring harness on Amazon/Ebay


Our products that have an option for our wiring harness are:

    • Fog Light Kits on Gen 1, 2, 3, and Bronco
    • Hood Mounts Kits on Gen 2, 3, Bronco, RAM1500 & 2500, RAM/TRX, 

All 30in and 40in light bars have over 6ft of wire to give you enough length to reach the AUX spot. You will not need a wiring harness.